Mobile App for Independent Insurance Agents

IIA Mobile

Designed to connect the Independent Agent with their clients and provide tools that the insured needs in case of a claim.


While insurance customers may not need to access services as often as customers of other business sectors, believing that the mobile capabilities are not needed or should be limited to what amounts to brochures is a dangerous path. Such thinking ignores the myriad advantages of offering a mobile application: Extending the image of the company Increased self-service and straight-through processing Expense reduction in postage, labor to answer calls, and processing customer requests

Mobile applications are now simply part of the cost of doing business, a fact that holds true for insurance companies as surely as it does for any other customer-facing industry. more...

Mobile App Features

App works on iOS and Android devices   
Contact Information
The app provides Agency contact information including maps, after-hours claim contacts, and billing contacts to your policy holders   
Accident Claim Kit
Clients can record information about an accident, including geo-location, photos, contact and insurance information   
Policy Information
Clients can store their relevant policy information in the app   
Agents can promote new products or offerings through the app and keep your clients connected with your Facebook or Twitter profile